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The School

Our focus is to imbibe qualities like empathy, consideration, earnest, generosity being acceptable and soon; so teaching is done amidst nature. So as to nurture the innocent minds and help them understand and create a love for learning and to ignite a keen spirit of enquiry imagination and the ability to question and to reason in the young minds.

To provide a secure and stimulating environment in which a continuous desire and excitement for further learning is fostered.

To offer the highest possible standards of academic excellence thereby preparing a sound foundation on which the later stages of the children’s education and career can be successfully built.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to achieve and maintain an institute of unmatched excellence.

Our Mission

To provide quality education by continuously raising the standard and maintaining it.

Strive for all round excellence with a healthy competitive spirit, guide the students to discover their potential and help to bring out the positive qualities inherent in them.

Inculcate values in the young minds and pave the way for becoming responsible adults.

Our Motto

“Bhuddhiryasya Balam Thasya”

“Intelligence is strength “

We envisage an education that stems from a genuine curiosity and eagerness to explore and also develop the overall personality of the child.