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The School buildings have been engineered strictly so as to provide safety.


Every classroom in the school has wide lattices that allow natural diffused light to come in from both sides of the room. Wall -to-wall windows on opposite sides of every classroom allow cross ventilation, helping to circulate copious amounts of air in the room and cool down the temperatures during summer


The kindergarten playroom is full of interactive, fun play equipment that helps develop the psycho-motor and creative skills of the young children. The room has colourful wall-to-wall murals that the kids enjoy immensely. All the kindergarten classrooms walls also have such colourful murals on them


The kindergarten play area is a sand lot where the children can play safely without fear of injury. The play area has two slides, two swings appropriate for different age groups. There is also a fun sand pit which the children love to play in. In addition ,we also have lots of tricycles,slides,see-saws ,play dough and other equipment that help improve and strength the psycho-motor skills of our children


There are more than the required number of toilets which are maintained to a high standard. Boys and girls have separate toilets. The School believes that healthy children in a hygienic environment produce high learning output. Thus, the School focuses on providing a healthy learning environment by:

  • Provision of facilities needed for sanitation, such as clean lavatories, toilets, and hand-washing.
  • Provision of Personal and Environmental Hygiene Education in the curriculum to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge for effective hygiene
  •  Programming personal and environmental hygiene awareness camps.


Two staff rooms with wide windows across the rooms provides the teachers with lots of natural light and ventilation. They are provided with lockers, personal working spaces and a computer and assess their lessons.


The school has a dedicated sick room with first aid supplies and basic medicine. The room has two clean beds for the children who need to rest and recover


This room is dedicated to the acquisition of language, be it Telugu, English or Hindi. This room is resourced with language kids and audiobooks.


The Library is a rich learning resource centre. It sports a large reading room, a wide and varied collection of more than 8000 books, magazines (both national and international), newspapers and CD’s. A well skilled Librarian is on hand at all times


The School has a dedicated room for the students to create and display their works of art and craft. The peace of semi-circular room is enhanced by the views out over lush paddy fields. The birds that visit the overhanging trees bring inspiration and wonder into the minds of our young artists


A well-maintained big sports field caters for many sporting activities such as Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Throw ball, Kho-kho and Kabaddi. This field is used daily for physical exercises, during games periods and training for regional and national competitions.


Computer labs:

The school recognizes that today’s children are ‘growing up digital’and that computer literacy is of vital importance in education. Computer education is therefore an integral part of the B.V. Reddy Central School curriculum. The school sports two well-equipped ‘wired’ computer labs with current and emerging computer hardware, software and other relevant resources. Such a computer lab facilitates in – depth learning. Students are introduced to basic computer components and its uses from class I onwards. From class III, students are introduced to, and work with, various software programmes.

Our computer courses focus on word-processing skills, spreadsheets and databases, developing multimedia projects and using the internet for research. 

Science Labs:

  •  The well-equipped Physics Lab such as building pulleys and levers, electrical circuits and other devices. The purpose is to provide students with a “hands on, minds on”learning experience.
  • Chemistry Lab provides contextual learning and is very well-equipped. Ever mindful of the students’ safety, the School supplies them with protective eye goggles, lab aprons and gloves. Smoke detectors are installed in the lab for safety. Our aim is to inspire students to explore questions about aspects of their everyday life and the natural world by cultivating a spirit of enquiry. The Biology Lab provides students with ample facilities to do so. For instance, they could stain their own micro-organisms and then observe them under our advanced microscopes.
  • A well-equipped Maths Lab has been set up, confirming to the guidelines and recommendations of the CBSE. Hands on exploration of concrete material leads to greater ‘conceptual understanding ‘and ‘problem -solving skills’