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The School cherishes an ideological commitment to promote ecological literacy and environmental ethics. Accordingly, the school building is an environmentally friendly ‘Green School’. To learn more click here with a serene atmosphere which gives the children a good place for all round development and turn them into fortified lot.


Our entire school campus is wi-fi enabled so that the teachers can access the net at any time of the day to integrate content from the web into their lessons.


A fleet of management is very particular about maintenance, safety and not over loading the buses with the children. All the buses are equipped with essential safety features, including child restraints for the front seats, guard rails, semi-sliding windows and anti-skid floors. The exterior of each bus is painted a bright golden yellow to enhance visibility at night and in foggy weather conditions. All our bus drivers are under the age of fifty and are required to have a minimum of five years experience in driving heavy vehicles. We require them to undergo medical tests every year to ensure they are fit for work. The buses also have fully trained supervisor who is responsible for the children’s safety onboard, and while getting on and off the bus. Attendance is taken on each bus to ensure that the number of students who have entered the bus are accounted for at pick up and drop off points. They have designated routes for picking up children from specified points in Chittoor. Our buses will not stop at any other place