4th National Caded Kyorugi and Poomse  Competition from 6th to 8th February, 2019 in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai. J.Kruthik of IX received participation certificate.

10th National Competition on Genius – Kids in Bangalore. O.N. Aswini – Zonal Runner up in Vedic Mathematics.

G.P. Sai Skanda – Zonal (Gold Medal) – Skool KAT – II

K.Ghayathri Soundarya – Zonal (Gold Medal) – KAT –  II

K.Lalith Jeyan – Zonal (Gold Medal) – KAT – II


UCMAS  ABACUS  conducted elementary B – Level competition

D.Tharun of VI C  won the II prize

K.Gowtham of IV B won the III prize

D. Akhil of IV C won II prize in Level III


UCMAS ABACUS SSLC Interhouse District level Mental/Arithmetic Competition in Chittoor on 17th February, 2019.  K.Yashwanth Sai of VII B won Championship in category – Z.

G.Chaaturya of III D won Championship in Category IV(written).

N.S.Sanjay of VC stood as Runner up in Category – Z.

A.Vaibhav Prasanna of IIC won Championship in B1 Category.

G.Vaishnavi of VIB won Championship in listening Competition Group – B

K. Pavan Sai of VB won Championship in Visual Competition .

R. Gnaneswar of IVB stood as III Runner up in Flash Competition of Group – C,  IV Runner up in Category  – F, III Runner up in listening Competition.

M.R.Nithin of IIB stood as first Runner up in Category – A.

J.A.Haasini of V D stood as first Runner up in Category – C.

K. Thanishka of III C won first prize in writing Level – II.

C.Monish of ID stood as II Runner up in Category –B.

A.Thanishka of IIB got II Runner up in Group – B.

G.Devi Sri Prasad of VIIB stood as III Runner up in Category – G and merit in listening Competition Group – C.

V.Bhagesh of IIB won merit in Category – Z.

P.J.Thulasi Priya of VA stood as III Runner up in Visual Category – F.

N.P.Harshith of IIB stood III Runner up in Category – Z.

G. Jashwanth of IV D stood as III Runner up in Category – E.

P. Yashaswi of I E won merit in Category – Z.

S. Mithun Krishna of II B won merit in Category – Z.

P.V. Jeevana of VI D won merit in writing in Category – B.

J. Lekhya sree of VI D stood IV Runner up in Category –

A. Kammana Gowtham of IV B stood as Champion of Champion under Category – A, Best student Award 2019 and merit in Group – A.

Likith .N of II E stood as II Runner up in Category – B.

Chethan .N of II D stood as III Runner up in Category – B in writing.

Lalith. R of VII B got merit in Category – Z.

P. Divesh Kumar of III D received Championship Award under Category – Z.

Vamsi Krishna of IV A received merit under Category – Z.


SIP ACADEMY conducted Mathematics Wizard Contest 2019 on 3rd March in Chittoor. The following children participated and won prizes and Championships:


S. Siva Darshini of V A won I prize

K. Pavan Sai of V A won II prize

R. Poorab Sai of V A II prize

M.S. Bhargav of VI B won I prize

S. Tejaswini VI B won II prize

N. Mahith Sai of VII C won I prize

G. Devi Sri Prasad VII B won II prize


Keshavardhan. M   of VC

Thulasi Priya .P.J of VA

Mohitha.N.S. of VIC

Vishnu Teja. G of VIIB



Competition held on 18th December, 2019 in our school premises, 264 children participated,  and 16 of them won the medals.


S. Abhilash Paul of V

R. Sai Ganesan of VI

Bhumika Suresh Bhowate of VII

Vijayanandana .M of VIII

Manas Nikhil. P of IX



Lasya Thupakula of V

Sahithi P.C.R of VI

Akshaya .K.N of VII

Divya Sree .A of VIII

Amrutha. A of IX



Penmesta Havish Varma of V

Jathin .A of V

Hanif Aslam .N of VII

Ramigani Vajra of VII

Bhavitha .T of VIII

Lakshmi Kaveri .K of IX


Six members qualified for Second Level

S. Abhilash Paul  of V

Sahithi.P.C.R of VI

Sai Ganesan .R of VI

Bhumika Suresh Bhowate of VII

Vijayanandana .M of VIII

Maanas Nikhil .P of IX




SIP ABACUS conducted advanced Level – 1 and Brain Gym on 4th May, 2019 in K.R. Palli, Chittoor. K. Tanish of IVB won silver medal and Gold medal in the second round of SIP Arithmetic Genius.

Shaik Md. Hassan of IVB won gold medal and cup

K. Aravind of IVB won Bronze medal

L. Monish Reddy of IVB won gold medal

A. Yuktamukhi of VIA and M. Shyamcharan Sai of VIC received gold medal and completion certificates.


Andhra Pradesh V Junior Inter District Basketball Championship – 2019 was held for boys and girls at Pirangepuram, Guntur district from 30th May to 2nd June, 2019.T.Sudha sravanthi of X A received participation certificate.

C. Videesha of IX C received participation certificate and also 45th sub-junior National Basketball Championship participation certificate which was held at Kangra, Himachal Pradesh from 12th to 18th November, 2018.


School Sports Federation conducted District Level School Sports Federation conducted District Level Subroto Cup Football Tournment on 6th July, 2019, for under 14 boys at Mesanical Ground and for under 17 boys at PVKN Degree College grounds.

Both the teams stood as runner-ups.

UNDER 14                                                   UNDER 17

Jaya Surya. B.         VIII                                 Judev Reddy. A.              X

Viswa Teja. G.          VIII                                Kruthik. T                         X

Sam Jebastin .D.      VIII                                 Kushal.J.M.                    X

Prem Sai. G.             VIII                                 Homeshwar.K                X

Gurucharan. P.M.      VIII                                 Charan. J                      X

Gokul.S.                    VIII                                 Varshik. G.                    X

Lohith. C.R.               VIII                                 Krishnaprasad.P           X

Yashwanth. A            VIII                                 Harshith Reddy. S.V.     X
Punith .T.S.               VIII                                 Naveen. C                     X

Sri Ranganathan.S.  VIII                                 Harshith. P                     X

Santhosh Kumar.C    VIII                                 Reddy Dharshan           X

Pradeep. N.               VIII                                 Aneesh.M.                     X

Harshavardhan.M      VIII                                Vivek Raj Kiran             IX

Jeevan. P.                  VIII                                 Shyam. R                     IX

Nithin. R                     VIII                                 Prabhu. K                      X                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tharun                          X