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Vidhyavahini, pioneer in education stands unparallel in the district with its unique natural settings … a rare combination of rustic charm and pristine beauty. It is par excellent to any other educational institution with its ideal methods to produce students who are competent and ready to face the world outside. B.V. Reddy Senior Secondary School – ‘Vidhyavahini ‘ was inaugurated on Ist December, 1986, by Sr. Rana Ramachandra Sinhji of Mysore, with a strength of 60 students and a faculty of four members.

We have excellent infrastructure as well as highly qualified and motivated staff, both in academics and administration. Our teachers go through an in-house programmers every year. They are constantly attending work-shops and seminars organized by the Central Board Of Secondary Examination (CBSE) and by private schools.

There is constant interaction between the teachers and their co-ordinate and plan their lessons during the weekly department meetings. Our students enjoy an excellent relationship with their teachers, which is something unique and to be cherished. 


There have been many founders and educational institutes but the most significant person is the one who makes the founder’s vision a reality. That person here is Mrs. Soumini Reddy, who adopted an infant school 16 years ago and poured all her energies into moulding it an established school of repute. It has been her drive, dedication and the sacrifices she has made, always prioritizing the school that has made it what it is today. We are proud to say that children who have passed out of B.V. Reddy School today are all over the world, doing extremely well in their chosen fields.

B.V. Reddy School is synonymous with Soumini Reddy, and as the founder I’am at ease knowing that the school I gave birth to has blossomed in her safe hands. 


Education has been a part of life in one form or the other right from day one of civilization. Everything that man learnt or learns is education. Education is making a living or living for education is always been a debate. Education is a complex and non-linear and not a homogenous process. Education is amplified to different spheres of learning later stages of schooling. A holistic education is what the consumer needs in present day scenario. Teacher’s play lead role in imparting education. Teachers should not consider themselves as couriers of information and knowledge is not to be delivered or transmitted. Professor Yashpal’s views on education reveal that the emphasis is on comprehension and not just rote memorization.

Teachers should stop training to stuff disconnected pieces of information into the students’ head. The education community should stop highlighting the idea of “quiz as quizzing cannot be equated with intelligence”. Education should mean searching and exploring for many not just one correct answer. Let not the Darwin’s theory applied to education. Even the special children with learning disability also be a given a chance to prove themselves. A child’s curiosity should be invoked. He should be challenged by asking him the questions about daily life. Once the curiosity is aroused. His willingness and readiness to learn will be huge. The boundaries between various disciplines should be removed. And so let’s be co-voyagers of learning in exploring the frontiers of knowledge.