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No matter how good pre-service training for our teachers is, it cannot be expected to prepare for all the challenges they will face throughout their careers. The development of teachers beyond their initial training can serve a number of objectives. Keeping this in mind our school has a policy to provide required training to the teachers to expose themselves in the field of teaching to enlighten the children in their respective subjects.

  • Teachers are given training for a week before the beginning of the academic year.
  • Our school conducts “erehwon” program.
  • Various activities covered during the teacher training from 1st June to are as under
  • Facilitation dynamics
  • Projects – activities
  • Institutional development and developing other areas of the child.
  • Personality development
  • Preparation of annual plan/ lesson plan/ week plan/ worksheet
  • Learning experiences and motivation.
  • How to deal with slow learners
  • Scholastic and Co-scholastic aspects as per CBSE
  • Communication skills and classroom management.
  • Teachers were sent to attend science workshop at Tirupathi, AP
  • Teachers were sent to attend Capacity building programme at Kingston, Tamilnadu
  • Teachers were sent to attend workshop on Nuances of Pedagogy at VIT Vellore, Tamilnadu.
  • Teachers were sent to attend a workshop on capacity building at Ernakulum, Kerala
  • To upgrade the content knowledge and pedagogical skills of teachers widely viewed as an important means of improving teaching and learning.
  • On top of it untrained teachers were sent to get training through NIOS