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Eco Club

We train the students to be conscious about the environment for which we have the Eco Club in our school. The motive of this club is to spread awareness about the environment amongst the students to create ‘clean’ and ‘green’ surroundings us to live in.

Some of the Green initiatives taken up by our Eco club in the year 2018 -19 are,

  • Speech by an Environmentalist
  • Planting saplings in school campus
  • Eco meet
  • Green gold
  • E-waste management
  • Go Green Campaign – Rally
  • Waste management – Reduce, Reuse , Recycle & Compose pit
  • Projects on environmental issues – Role play
  • Making models of alternative source of energy

Language Club

Our language clubs are designed to cultivate a love of language learning while developing essential communication skills in the target language.Pupils will learn through games and activities such as

  • Creative writing
  • Interviews
  • One Act Play
  • Tongue Twisters
  • Pick and Speak
  • Word Jumbling
  • Riddles

Karate Club

Karate classes are conducted in the school campus after the school hours thrice a week. Students learn Karate with great enthusiasm from a very well trained Karate Master of our school.

Arts & Crafts Club

Arts & Crafts club is a fun way for students to learn about making household objects into works of art. The activities are easy , thought provoking and educational. Children learn new things in an innovative way in the Arts & Crafts club.

Indian Classical Dance Club

The Dance Club is created to encourage students for dance performances and to let everybody know about the dancing spirit. This helps our students give outstanding classical dance performances.

Physical Fitness Club

The aim of this club is to provide guidance for Life Management which includes relief from health issues such as a stress free life with general fitness through yoga, swimming and physical exercises.

Maths Club

The Mathematics Club provides children with opportunities to try new things and develops children’s knowledge and understanding of Mathematics. Games, Puzzles, Quizzes and Problem Solving Situations are given as activities to promote children’s Mathematical skills.

Music Club

The Music Club teaches students classical music through different activities such as school choir and Inter House Competitions.